Seattle Gay Couples


Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the members of SGC?


SGC member couples are a diverse group of men in committed relationships looking to meet other gay couples in the Seattle area. We range in age from our early 20s to our 70s and have been together from only a few months to 20+ years. Current membership consists of about 35 couples from all around the Puget Sound area.



What kind of events does SGC Sponsor


SGC sponsors at least one official event per month, including our most popular events:

  • Quarterly 3x3 Dinner Rotations where couples are paired with two other couples to each host a monthly event like dinner, brunch, or picnic.
  • Annual Summer Picnic, one of our most popular events. In 2013 over 20 member couples attended this event.
  • Annual Gay Pride events including pre-party and in 2013, marching in the parade.
  • Annual Halloween Costume Party, where couples dress up and show off their scary and funny costumes.
  • Annual Holiday Party and gift exchange for couples to eat, exchange gifts, and celebrate the holiday season.

Other sponsored events focus on board games, bowling, date night, and movie night and many SGC member couples host their own events throughout the year. In 2012, a total of 41 events took place.



How much does it cost to join SGC?


Annual dues are $50 per couple. To help you decide that Seattle Gay Couples is right for you, we offer a three-month trial membership for just $10. Because SGC is a member driven non-profit social organization, these funds are used to pay for expenses related to our online presence and our Annual Picnic and to help member couples pay for the expenses related to some of our bigger events such as the Halloween and Holiday parties.



How can we join SGC?


SGC uses Papal for membership dues. To join, go to our meetup page and click the Papal link.